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  • Competitive rates with personalised loan offerings irrespective of credit score.
  • Quick online application process and prompt funding.
  • No penalties for early payout, providing flexibility in managing the loan.
  • A range of loan sizes to fit varying financial needs.


  • Lack of other financial products apart from personal loans.
  • Higher interest rates for those with poor credit.

Here’s a comprehensive guide on what you need to know about Fair Go Finance, including the costs, what’s covered, and what’s not.

Cash Loans from $2k to $5k

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About Fair Go Finance

Fair Go Finance (Australian Credit License No (ACL): 389189 ) offers an online platform for personal loans catering to the Australian market. Their approach is built on simplicity, speed, and flexibility, ensuring a user-friendly application process and prompt funding once approved. They offer a range of loan sizes to accommodate different financial circumstances, and pride themselves on providing competitive, personalised rates.


  • Establishment Fee:
    • Small Amount Loans: $60 – $400
    • Medium Amount Loans: $437 – $771
    • Large Amount Loans: $546 – $795
  • Monthly Fee:
    • Small Amount Loans: $15 – $80
    • Medium Amount Loans: $10 – $14
    • Large Amount Loans: $9 – $14
  • Interest Rate Per Annum (APR):
    • Small Amount Loans: N/A (No APR as these are fee-based loans)
    • Medium Amount Loans: 19.90% – 29.90%
    • Large Amount Loans: 18.49% – 25.90%
  • Comparison Rate:
    • Medium Amount Loans: 46.70% – 65.88%
    • Large Amount Loans: 24.28% – 33.80%
  • Early Payout:
    • No fees for early payout, allowing for flexibility and potential interest savings.

Loan Terms

  • Loan Amount Ranges:
    • Small Amount Loans: $500 – $2,000
    • Medium Amount Loans: $2,050 – $5,000
    • Large Amount Loans: $5,050 – $10,000
  • Average Term Duration:
    • Small Amount Loans: 3 – 12 months
    • Medium Amount Loans: 7 – 19 months
    • Large Amount Loans: 14 – 24 months
  • Credit Score Impact:
    • Interest rates and loan amounts offered are influenced by the applicant’s credit rating. A better credit rating could result in lower interest rates and higher loan amounts.
  • Application Process:
    • A simple online application form to be filled which takes around 6 minutes.
    • Approval and offer acceptance via electronic signing with a secure SMS code sent to the mobile.
    • Real-time funding ensures quick transfer of funds as cleared funds for immediate use.
  • Support:
    • Personalised support throughout the loan term for any assistance or inquiries.


Loan CategoriesSmall Amount LoansMedium Amount LoansLarge Amount Loans
Loan Amounts$500 – $2,000$2,050 – $5,000$5,050 – $10,000
Average Term3 – 12 months7 – 19 months14 – 24 months
Typical Establishment Fee$60 – $400$437 – $771$546 – $795
Monthly Fee$15 – $80$10 – $14$9 – $14
Interest Rate Per Annum (APR)N/A19.90% – 29.90%18.49% – 25.90%

Cash Loans from $2k to $5k

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What’s Covered

  • Personal Loans for a variety of purposes including debt consolidation, medical expenses, home renovations, etc.
  • A straightforward online application process.
  • Personalised support and assistance throughout the loan term.

What’s Not Covered

  • Business loans, mortgages or other types of loans outside of personal loans.
  • Credit repair or financial advisory services.

Final Takeaway

Fair Go Finance emerges as a dependable choice for individuals in need of personal loans. The clear, straightforward process, coupled with personalised, competitive rates, provides a platform for those even with less than perfect credit to secure the funding they need. Their early payout option and a variety of loan sizes further add to the flexibility and convenience offered to customers, making Fair Go Finance a solid option for personal loans in the Australian market.