Humm is one of the newer local buy now pay later services. It is a new version of FlexiGroup, coming off a successful rebrand last year.

They have an edge even over bigger BNPL providers: They are even more flexible with payment options, have lower fees, and bigger credit limits. Just like any other loan and credit companies they do have certain terms as well that are slightly different from the rest. This review takes a look at how their system works.

Humm’s main terms & conditions

Humm is unlike the bigger majors in the BNPL trade; They operate in a growing membership with minor financial checks such as proof of employment and bank statements. They have a debt trap potential “screen” to make sure people using their services are good to go with payments.

In addition to these, they may look into other financial proof. They may also include payments to utilities, telco, credit cards, and also other factors of your spending and paying.


  • Australian resident of legal age
  • Is currently employed or on senior’s or veteran’s pension
  • Government IDs or medicare number
  • Commitment to payments
  • Not on hardship or bankrupt status

Humm offers longer payment options with flexible terms and schedules. Its payment fees are also lower than the most companies. This puts Humm directly competitive with the smaller BNPL services with the same features – These other companies also offer flexible payment options and lower fees to compete with bigger providers such as Afterpay and ZipPay.

Humm’s Leading features:

  • Maximum $30,000 credit purchase limit (Big Things account)
  • Minimum $1 – $2000 limit (Small Things account)
  • 18000+ retailers and businesses carry it
  • Late fees are $6 per month
  • Five to Ten weekly and/or fortnightly payments
  • No other fees, Zero interest

For common users that use Humm for up to $2,000, they can remain free as long as they follow through with their payments. Humm allows it to spread over longer periods to accommodate any possible issues. Humm has much smaller payments over the same period of the 2-week and monthly terms imposed by other BNPL providers.

The same with these companies however are its equal rules in maintaining it safe for the retail shops and Humm. First are fees for late-payments which are at a still lower $6 each month. They also have a monthly fee of $8 if your plan is, or reaches 5 months or more.

For Big Things accounts, there are also Establishment fees for $35 – $90 on new members and $22 for members depending on the actual credit amount you apply for. In general, the fees are two kinds of late payment fees for going overboard on the given schedules, if that’s not even enough.

Signup for a Humm account

There are four ways to join Humm:

  • Online: Click on Join Here on the front page to register through the site.
  • Checkout at online shopping: participating retailers have the available option at checkout. Just choose Humm and the purchase is complete.
  • In-store purchases: participating shops have it on checkout, just choose this option with the cashier.
  • Get the Humm app from the Apple app store or Google Play apps and sign up

Upon approval, there are two types of accounts to choose from:

Types of Humm accounts

Small Things

  • $1 – $2,000 limit
  • Late payment fees of $6 a month
  • payable in 5 weekly and/or fortnightly payments
  • No other fees, zero interest

Big Things

  • Up to $10,000 for online or in-store purchases
  • Maximum of $30,000 limit for instore purchases
  • Late payment fees of $6 a month
  • Repayment options for 6 to 60 months
  • Monthly fee of $8 if the plan is 5 months or more
  • No other fees, zero interest

The limit for the Small Things account acts much like a credit card limit; The full credit limit will reset back once the full total bill balance has been paid. For the Big Things account, the repayment can be stretched up to 60 months. Both have no interest rates anytime, however there are fees involved for Bigger Things accounts.

In some rare cases, customers cannot follow schedules or there are no funds available. Some might encounter issues while paying in-between instalments. Humm will be able to help as long as contact is made to work out scheduling and payment solutions.

Using Humm, wisely

Humm was designed for employed people with sure funds to provide their flexible terms and bigger credit limits than most of their peer companies. This gives it a unique position among many other BNPL providers offering similar terms. Humm maintains the discussed policies to safeguard both the retail shops and customers as well from getting stuck in a debt trap.

Humm is much like the big and small BNPL companies as it doesn’t affect your credit score or credit rating. Stick to the instalments, follow your schedules, and you’ll be fine. Another useful tool is your app where you track all of these details and help set up notifications. This helps with having funds ready by the set dates and being on time with payments. Fees will be avoided.

Humm for Business

Humm also has a business partnership account. For online, they offer easy integration using some of the most common e-commerce platforms. For in-store, they have an easy POS integration set-up to get the Humm going for customers. In addition to these are three other features different from other BNPL business partnerships:

  • Increased Income – join the business network of 2.1 million customers and 18,000+ retailers. Humm will get more new customers and also offer extra payment options for your store.
  • Payment upfront – Humm guarantees payment to the seller by the next business day.
  • No Refund Fees – Humm will return fees for ins-store bought items that have been returned.

To join in:

  1. Sign up at the website at its Sell with Humm webpage
  2. You just need to fill out an application with your details.
  3. The approval is usually with 24 hours.
  4. Once the process is complete you can now add Humm at your store’s checkout.