Bundll is a new form of Buy Now, Pay Later service that provides even more convenient and lenient repayment terms. It is what we could consider a purchase consolidation credit service: You can shop and make purchases everywhere, then bundle these several purchases under just one smaller bill. It aims to provide Australians with a bigger, more universal purchasing power, plus convenience, with an easy repayment plan.

It is a financing service from the same company who brought us Humm, one of the popular BNPL companies in Australia. It is in partnership with Mastercard and allows account holders to shop and purchase virtually everywhere. Mastercard is almost universally accepted everywhere, making this service useful and indispensable.

Bundll’s key concepts

It is a hybrid version of the BNPL service and other crediting companies, fused with a general credit and debit card’s purchasing reach. However, it is also different. In case you need extra time to pay, you can use some of their finance scheduling options.

The imagery and overall working format seem to appeal to a younger demographic. The service is primarily used through an app for all purchases. Account-holders who don’t have a bigger budget but may have different purchases in the most mobile and convenient way possible is where Bundll appeals most.

Main features

  • This service will give you purchasing freedom from almost all stores, online and in-store through the Bundll app.
  • The Bundll app is available on iOS and Android.
  • Available where Mastercard is accepted for both online and in-store purchases.
  • You can pay within a fortnight (14 days) for all these purchases with a standardised repayment arrangement.
  • Unlike credit cards that have set firm deadlines and penalties, Bundll is a little more flexible and does not affect your credit rating.
  • Further repayment extensions can be availed if needed: Snooze and Superbundll options are available.
  • There are no interest rates, early payout fees, hidden fees, outright late fees, or penalties. You will be given a chance to make a payment before further action is done.

How does it work?

You can make several purchases from almost everywhere, where Mastercard is accepted. Shop and then Bundll will be able to consolidate these payments. You now have just one convenient bill that consolidates them all, You are then given enough time to make single repayments and you will start making repayments after 14 days.

Bundll has three basic payment schemes you can follow, which are some of the most lenient and flexible, no risk terms in addition to no late payment fees and no ill-effects to your credit rating:

  • “PAWS” FOR 2 WEEKS: the standard repayment time given for all Bundll purchases.
  • SNOOZE YOUR REPAYMENTS: If you can’t make the repayment date, choose this option before that date. You will be paying a $2.50 fee and will get 14 more extra days, plus a mandatory $20 repayment to decrease your current balance. This is not a fee or penalty. It eliminates debt pileup while making sure the total balance is decreased.

    You are allowed to avail of the snooze option as long as you are in good standing and you have enough snoozes available on your account. One can earn these chances when you refer other people to the app. The $2.50 fee and minimum $20 repayment amount will always apply for each one taken.

  • SUPERBUNDLL: if these terms are not yet enough, you can apply for a further delay in your repayments: You get an additional six fortnightly repayments after this reset. A standard low
    5% of that Bundll will be charged as a fee.

How to avail of Bundll

Another concept of Bundll that’s quite different from other BNPL, credit, and loan companies is that no registering is required. There are no credit checks or financial proof requirements either. You simply download the app and sign up. The app will give you a virtual Mastercard assigned to your virtual wallet/account that you can use instantly to make your purchases.

Here are the minimum basic requirements for applying:

  • 18 years of age and up
  • Must be an Australian citizen or permanent resident
  • Have an Australian issued Mastercard or Visa, which will be one of the main funding source options

The only time a credit check needs to be done is when you avail of their Superbundll option since it is the third-tier repayment extension. This is a safeguard for the company to make sure it protects them from further missed payments and for the customer to avoid getting into the dreaded possible debt traps.

Missed repayments and inability to pay

Bundll also has security measures in place in case you are unable to make the scheduled payment, as they have the snooze option and the Superbundll options for further extensions. Account-holders are expected to maintain and keep track of their payments through the app to follow their commitment.

In the case of inability to pay, you are given a 24 hour grace period to take action. This is important and time is of the essence. You can either make the repayment within this grace period, choose to snooze or choose the Superbundll option. Failure to comply will set you back with a $10 late payment fee.

In case no action is taken, you will be direct debited the minimum repayment amount of $20 from your preferred funding source posted on your account. If this is successful, the $20 goes towards your total automatically and you are given another 14 days for that plan. The status of the account will also go back to normal.

In case this still doesn’t go through, that’s the time Bundll will slap your account with a suspension as a last resort. You will remain on a suspended status and cannot use the service until a minimum repayment is made. So this is an important element in the user agreement that you need to keep in mind.

Financial hardship

If you suddenly are in a hardship status when you’re on a current Bundll payment plan, they are available to help with financial hardship assistance. The company maintains a hotline at 1300 855 370. If you’re not comfortable talking over the phone, you can also use their online web form.