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  • Instant Approval: Apply online and receive an instant decision on your application
  • Transparent Fees: Clear disclosure of fees with no hidden charges.
  • Responsible Lending: Thorough assessment of customer’s financial situation to prevent unmanageable debt.
  • Flexible Repayment Options: Offering weekly, fortnightly, or monthly repayment schedules based on the customer’s payday.
  • Loan Term: Fixed-term loan of 12 months providing clarity on the duration of financial commitment.
  • Various Loan Amounts: Loan amounts ranging from $2,100 to $5,000 providing a variety of options based on need.
  • Zero Application Fee: No cost to apply for a loan.


  • High Interest Rates: Annual interest rate of 47% and comparison rates of 65-66% are on the higher side.
  • Establishment and Other Fees: $400 standard establishment fee and $16 other fees might be considered steep.
  • Debit Dishonour Fee: A $35.00 fee applies if a scheduled payment is missed or returned unpaid which could add to the cost of the loan.
  • Missed Payment Penalties: Additional fees for missed payments can increase the total loan cost and extend the loan term.
  • Loan Amount Limit: Maximum loan amount of $5,000 may not meet the needs of individuals requiring larger financial assistance.

Here’s a comprehensive guide on what you need to know about Red Tree Finance, including the costs, what’s covered, and what’s not.

Cash loans from $2k to $5k

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About Red Tree Finance

Red Tree Finance, the official face of Privilege Investments Pty Ltd, sails under the flag of Australian Credit License Number 387437. This financial haven is devoted to serving a spoonful of exemplary customer service, responsible lending, and a smooth, secure voyage to Australians in the sea of finances. Let’s dive into a hearty review of the costs, what’s on deck, and what’s kept in the hold by Red Tree Finance.


  • Loan Amounts:
    • Range: $2,100 to $5,000
  • Fees:
    • Application Fee: $0
    • Standard Establishment Fee: $400
    • Other Fees: $16 included in the loan
  • Interest Rates:
    • Annual Interest Rate: 47%
    • Comparison Rate: 66.0347%
  • Debit Dishonour Fee:
    • $35.00 (applied if a scheduled payment is missed or returned unpaid)

Loan Terms

  • Duration:
    • Loan Term: 12 months
  • Repayment Options:
    • Weekly, fortnightly, or monthly repayments based on your payday
  • Interest Calculation:
    • Calculated daily based on the outstanding balance
    • Fixed for the loan term
  • Comparison Rates:
    • Range: 65-66% depending on the size of the loan


Category Details
Loan Amounts $2,100 to $5,000
Application Fee $0
Standard Establishment Fee $400
Other Fees $16 (included in the loan)
Annual Interest Rate 47%
Comparison Rate 66.0347%
Debit Dishonour Fee $35.00 (if a scheduled payment is missed or returned unpaid)
Loan Duration 12 months
Repayment Options Weekly, fortnightly, or monthly based on your payday
Interest Calculation Daily, based on the outstanding balance, fixed for the loan term
Comparison Rates 65-66% depending on the size of the loan

Cash loans from $2k to $5k

Apply Online

What’s Covered

  • Transparent Lending: Red Tree Finance keeps a clear deck with no hidden fees or charges on their cash loans. Responsible Lending: They stand a firm mast on responsible lending, making sure customers aren’t tossed loans heavier than they can carry.
  • Assessment: A detailed map of each customer’s financial waters is charted by their Australia-based crew to mark loan eligibility and affordability.

What’s Not Covered

  • Missed Payments: Take heed, missed payments might summon additional fees, potentially stretching the voyage, and overall cost of the loan.

Final Takeaway

Red Tree Finance offers a clear compass and responsible lending to Australians in search of financial wind in their sails. With fixed-term loan treasures and a crystal-clear fee map, customers are well-equipped for the financial expedition ahead. Though the interest rates might ride the higher waves, the meticulous assessment made ensures that customers aren’t left stranded in a debt storm, syncing harmoniously with Red Tree Finance’s vow of responsible lending.