Zip Pay is a buy now pay later service that lets you pay for online and in-store shopping in an instant. You can download the app, or sign up online. There are no other main requirements needed. Borrowing the amount for your purchases is just as easy as other services.

Main features:

  • Three payment arrangements to choose from: weekly, fortnightly, monthly
  • Zero-interest
  • No other fees involved

While almost similar to Zip Money, Zip Pay does have a few slightly different terms. Zip Money is better used for purchases of more than $1000. With Zip Pay, are two amount limits to consider:

  • Under $1,000: Zero interest, No establishment fee, with $40 a month minimum repayment and a $6 / late or non-payment fee
  • Over $1,000: Zero interest for the first 3 months, up to $99 establishment fee, with $40 a month minimum repayment and a $6 / late or non-payment fee

Zip pay uses the same buy now pay later method as many of its peers. However, there is a slight flexibility of being able to set your payment arrangements for a longer period, compared to other BNPL methods such as Afterpay, which already has a set of four, fortnightly installments to pay off the total purchase.  You can do payments in three periods:

  • Weekly
  • Fortnightly
  • Monthly

Otherwise, the service is also the same as other buy now, pay later programs. Zip Pay’s track record in the industry so far:

  • Available from over 2 million online and in-store establishments in Australia and New Zealand
  • More than 1.7 million app downloads from the app store
  • $AUD 2 billion safe transactions done since day one
  • 7 years in the industry as a trusted digital buy now pay later service provider

One other unique feature of Zip Pay apart from the others is you can use it to pay for bills, aside from your online and in-store shopping. The only requirement is the bill must be able to receive BPAY payments. The same terms of payment will also apply to your bill payments as well. This lets you settle house-related bills such as phone services, internet, power, electricity, and even your taxes, and school fees.

Using Zip Pay

Download the app from the Google Play store, or sign up at their website. You can use your Facebook or PayPal account for signing up as well. Approvals usually take just a few minutes. From here you can instantly complete your purchase:

  • For online: Just choose Zip Pay at checkout. Just tap on the Zip Pay icon.
  • At instore: The shop must have Zip Pay as an option. Just sign-in to your account, choose Shop Instore and you will receive a 6-digit barcode that will be scanned at the retailer at checkout. Once the purchase is complete, you’ll receive a confirmation.


  • Must 18 years old and above
  • Must be an Australian Citizen or a permanent resident
  • Owns an Australian bank account or credit card
  • Mobile number and email address for account verification

From here on is where Zip Pay offers you a more flexible way of paying off your purchase. You can choose weekly, fortnightly, or monthly payments, at a minimum of $40 a month. This is beneficial for people who have different payday schedules, or perhaps have money coming in at non-regular intervals.

Just like many BNPL services, you can maintain it late payment-free and interest-free by paying on time and keeping it low. Otherwise, a $6 fee applies at the end of the month for late payments or non-payment.

Key benefits of using Zip Pay:

  • Zero-interest (for under $1000 purchases)
  • Standard fees: $6 only for late or non-paid installments. Keep it zero by paying on time.
  • Three credit limits instantly available: $350, $500, and $1000. Viewable upon application.
  • Available on Direct Debit for automatic set-up payments.

Use Zip Pay for business

Zip pay also applies to business owners who want to provide alternative payment arrangements for their clients and customers. They also offer you payment options as a business owner to maintain your business operations.

In this era of Covid19, online shopping has surged, and this is a good opportunity to have more customers who cannot pay instantly by cash. It is also beneficial to businesses that were hit by economic issues.

There are three categories for connection with Zip Pay as a business owner:

  • Zip Business Payments: As a payment method for customers. Covers online and instore purchases
  • Zip Business Trade: Use their buy now, pay later services for your business. Up to $3000 total with zero interest, with the same flexible payment options.
  • Zip Business Capital: This is designed more as a business loan. You also enjoy flexible repayment options across 3 years. The interest rate will only be based on the total loan amount.

Using Zip Pay, responsibly

Zip Pay was designed to offer shoppers a flexible and easy to use payment service. While there are fees associated with it, it only applies for late and non-paid installments within the allotted schedules. It is the shopper’s responsibility to keep track of their payments and have funds ready. The app serves as a good reminder tool for all your purchases and installment schedules.

As a general guide, the credit limit is ideal for purchases below $1000. Keep purchases below this limit, and individual, one at a time. Maximise the app by keeping track of your schedules and making sure funds are available within the chosen payment schedule. This way, you can use the service virtually for free.

Where is Zip Pay available?

Some of the world-renowned trusted brands have partnered with Zip Pay, for both online, instore, and also for gift cards:

Amazon, K Mart, Target, Laser Clinics, Officeworks, Coles, Kogan, The North Face, Lacoste, Appliances Online, Oxford, Optus, Speedo, Lee, Riders by Lee, Wrangler, Rockport, Nautica, Ben Sherman, Kipling, Zumi, Nine West, Michael Hill, Coco Republic, Toymate, Koala, Surf Stitch, Mathers, Lenovo, Pizza Hut, JB Hifi, eBay, Caltex, Bose, Ikea, Apple Store and iTunes, Air Asia, Xbox, Vodafone, Uber, Microsoft Windows, PlayStation, Pandora, Netflix, Booktopia, and many others.