Creditline is a loan service with three types of credits to choose from. They offer:

  • BNPL (Buy now pay later) services.
  • Zero-interest payment plans.
  • A standard, plain monthly installment arrangement.

It also uses 3 types of cards as the method for payments. The service needs to get you to sign on before shopping, or just before going to check out. Once you’re signed up you will be able to choose which accompanying card suits your shopping habits best, and its terms of use.

These payment plans are made available when you purchase from a participating retailer. These payment arrangements are the methods you will use to pay for purchases that will be made through three main cards offered by Creditline:

  • Latitude GO Mastercard
  • Latitude Gem Visa Card
  • CreditLine Card

Australians are given these three popular crediting options from under one company. Cardholders can choose the card, and then their payment plan based on what service they need and what best suits their situation. This sets them apart from the majority of local service providers who only use one method for shopping loans.

Creditline’s services and details are laid out in this article. This will give you a complete view of how their services might be the perfect fit for your needs.

Main features and services of Creditline

These hybrid services and cards are different from the regular credit card services we know. The card will always be interest-free as long as you follow the terms of your flexible plan. It aims to provide the popular flexible loan and credit options in the Australian market through credit cards.

  • BNPL (Buy now pay later) services:
    Creditline’s version of the popular BNPL payment plan is more lenient than the common local companies. You can pay what you can afford at your preferred schedule. As long as you complete the total in the given amount of time Plus it is also zero interest with 3 months to start. 
  • Zero-interest payment plans:
    You can pay monthly minimum amounts with zero interest on this plan. You just need to complete the total within the given time. Longer and more lenient periods of 6 to 60 months are available.  
  • Monthly flexible payment plan:
    There is a set equal monthly payment for this plan under this scheme. It is also zero interest, and there are different plans to choose from depending on the retailers.

Latitude and Creditline cards

Once you choose your purchase, you pick the payment arrangement that best suits you. They are then tied-in to one of three cards you can use – either as an existing user or as a new user (after a card application). It works both as credit cards and the payment method for these types of plans. Creditline has three card types you can use in conjunction with their services, namely:

  1. Latitude GO Mastercard: A custom Mastercard with zero interest and earns points with use. It is mainly used for big shops and retailers such as Harvey Norman, Domayne, Joyce Mayne, and other current offers and partner store promotions.

    You can pay regular monthly payments or choose to pay at your convenient time. Your credit limit will be determined after submitting your details and documents on your application. Applying for a Latitude GO Mastercard only takes 10 minutes through an online application at their site.

    These are the requirements (they also apply for the next two cards):

    1. 18 years old and up
    2. Is an Australian citizen or resident
    3. Regular income
    4. Has an ID 
  2. Latitude Gem Visa: A Visa card that has zero interest payment plans and flexible payment arrangements. Gem Visa works with retailers offering long-term interest-free plans on their purchases. You can use popular virtual wallets as sources of your funding as well: 

Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Google Pay, Garmin Pay, Fitbit Pay.

Gem Visa has an additional service for businesses who want to partner up. Businesses can offer their Gem Visa as a payment method with the same interest-free payment plan options. You can join in and expand your business coverage and get your share of customers from Gem Visa users wanting to use this type of card and payment arrangements.

  1. CreditLine: This is their card with the same zero interest payment arrangements. This will depend on the set amount chosen and the schedule. You will also pay a monthly accounting fee but there are no yearly fees or establishments. It comes with an extra online security feature to avoid unauthorised use. The following are the main fees: 
    1. Annual fee $0
    2. Monthly account keeping fee $4.95
    3. Establishment fee $0
    4. Late fee $30

How and where do I avail of Creditline’s services?

There are two parts to getting the services activated:

  • You can sign up online with a pre-screening that takes up to 10-15 minutes to confirm and approve. This process is done on their website, through any of the main three types of cards or accounts chosen. The customer can then choose the custom payment plan best suited for this purchase. The following will be confirmed upon application: 
    • 18 years old and up
    • Is an Australian citizen or resident
    • Regular income and documents
    • Customer Identification 
  • You can also accomplish this when you purchase and shop at participating online and in-store retailers. The transaction goes straight ahead to the promotion or offer and completes the transaction by signing up and completing the same details at the checkout phase.

For cardholders and account holders, the transactions are easily initiated by using the card upon checkout. You can then choose your preferred payment arrangement.

Once you become a Creditline member, you can manage your cards and ongoing loans using the Latitude app. You can use it to manage payment schedules and view all transaction details anytime, anywhere. In addition to your loans and card transactions, you can also check on other associated transactions that the company offers.

Creditline is offered as the payment arrangement on many online offers and purchases from partner retailers.  It is part of the Latitude Financial company, which also offers main loan services, such as major personal and car loans, home improvement, and debt consolidation services.