Bytepay is a flexible buy now pay later service for the popular Byte invisible teeth aligner devices. Byte is a much cheaper and convenient alternative to expensive dental braces. Aside from being a more affordable option, getting Byte is made even easier to get with this light and flexible payment arrangement financing service. You only pay a minimum start fee and complete the rest of your total in installments.

Bytepay payment plan and Byte teeth aligners can improve your smile and dental condition – cheaper and easier than dental braces. Read up on all the important details here to see if this is the dental service/payment plan for you.

Byte Teeth Aligners

Bytepay is the payment plan designed for Byte teeth aligners. Byte’s whole top to bottom process is done at home, starting with getting your teeth’ impression. Once checked and reviewed, you’ll receive your Byte kit and you just wear the device on the prescribed treatment schedule.

It is easier to use, removable, more comfortable to wear, and much cheaper. Bytepay adds even more ease with its payments. Almost anyone can now get their teeth corrected faster and on a budget.

Who can avail of Bytepay and Byte?

Anyone who requires dental braces is encouraged to check out Bytepay; Byte invisible teeth aligners may be a better option compared to traditional dental braces. The Bytepay payment plan gives Byte an added advantage of a non-exclusive and cheaper payment arrangement that is 100% open to all, even those with bad credit. This service is hosted by Humm, one of Australia’s trusted credit and loan companies.

Byte is available to all those who need an equally effective teeth alignment solution without breaking your wallet. Bytepay’s easy and convenient terms apply to the following:

  • Those who can’t afford expensive dental braces.
  • People who need to correct major teeth alignments (underbite, overbite, etc.) faster, and at their convenience.
  • People who are uncomfortable with getting dental braces installed on their teeth (aside from the big expenses).
  • People who can only pay in minimum installments and need to have teeth alignment.


Byte and its Bytepay payment plan already have major money-saving features over traditional dental braces. As long as the case is not too severe and within scope, the teeth alignment solution proves to be faster, cheaper, easier to use. The convenience, comfort, and non-obtrusive appearance are also well-known features to consider.

  • Affordability: A standard set of dental braces can cost you up to $9,000, plus monthly or regular visits for adjustments and checkups. Standard Byte device packages will cost you $2,749 per package plan.
  • Convenience: Once you receive your teeth aligners, you just wear them on your preferred schedule: during the day or when sleeping at night. No monthly consultations or adjustments are needed. Dental professionals and orthodontists will review and then track your progress remotely. Easy-to-use, invisible teeth aligners provide discreet and comfortable usage.
  • Faster process: Byte also accomplishes the goal in much less time, with day-time teeth aligners taking an average of 3-4 months, and nighttime use within 5-6 months only. Most dental braces can take up to 18 months to complete. You cannot remove them anytime during treatment. Plus they have some minor inconveniences much different from Byte.
  • Remotely done: One of its biggest features also: there’s no need for in-person consultations compared to getting traditional braces. Once you receive your personal teeth aligners you just wear them on your preferred schedule and pay off the total with a flexible payment plan. This is a good service to consider especially with the current covid19 situation; It eliminates scheduled appointments, personal contact, and extra time and expenses, and gives utmost ease and convenience to the customers.
  • Effectiveness: Most user reviews show very satisfactory feedback from most customers. Youtube video reviews show effective results within just a few months of use. Aside from being more convenient and being able to take them off for normal hours, they work just as well as traditional dental braces.

Requirements/Terms and Conditions

Bytepay is 100% available to anyone who can afford the already lower price, with its payment plan that breaks up the total into manageable monthly installments. Its flexible payment arrangement is similar to those used by Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL), and other credit companies; It is open even to those with bad credit, as long as customers can stick to their payment arrangements.

Anyone can avail of the service. If you need a cheaper way of teeth alignment, cannot afford the huge sum of dental braces in one go, but also need the same effectiveness of dental braces, Bytepay could be the top-shelf option to consider.

Byte does away with most of the effort and complexities involved with getting dental braces. Their teeth aligners are effective for most cases of teeth alignment corrections. Their terms of use are also as simple as their ease and affordability:

  1. Order their teeth impression kit.
  2. Receive the tooth impression kit and create your tooth impressions profile at home, and send it back.
  3. A professional review will be done by a licensed Orthodontist to see if your alignment is eligible; If not, fret not: You will receive a full refund.
  4. Once the process is complete, you will receive your complete Byte kit.
    •  A custom treatment plan
    • The Byte teeth aligner device
    • Brightbyte teeth whitener solution
    • Medical-grade retainers
    • Lifetime guarantee
    • Wear it on your preferred schedule for the duration of your Byte program.

    Pricing and Fees

    There are only three main price points to check for Byte:

    • A $95 initial payment for your teeth impression kit, delivered to you with free return shipping. This is covered with a full money-back guarantee in case you don’t qualify or the alignment needed is far too complicated for Byte.
    • $299 initial payment.
    • $114 a month installment for 24 months.

    There are no hidden fees or other extra payments involved. Just the teeth impression, the standard initial payment, and the full monthly installment plan, and that’s it. Your smile will be significantly improved on a very reasonable budget.