Brighte is a loan and credit company specifically for use in home improvements, solar installations, heating, cooling, and Green energy needs at home. Their system works just like the well-known companies in the local credit industry, with similar terms and offers.

The company has tailor-made its services for these types of projects. Brighte also handpicked top-shelf energy and home improvement companies to bring you the best options on their exclusive Brighte Marketplace. Easy payment options and terms have been implemented to get your home projects done while keeping repayments affordable.

Have a look at this spotlight on Brighte to see if this fits your current home project needs.

Brighte’s Top Features

The company uses affordable and flexible repayment terms. You can focus on your home and energy improvement projects and have fewer worries about getting the loans repaid. The trusted and accredited vendors offer some of the best options for your home improvement and energy needs.

Consider these features to give you an overview of their services:

  • Zero-interest payment plans
  • From $1,000 up to $30,000 in home improvement loans
  • 6 to 60 months loan repayment durations
  • Loan approvals within minutes
  • You can reuse your Brighte account
  • The Brighte app monitors your payments anytime, anywhere
  • Brighte app is available on iOS and Android
  • $1.50/per week account keeping fee included in payments
  • $4.99 late payment fee for each late payment
  • $49.90 capped total late payment fees per calendar year
  • No other hidden fees or payments involved

How to avail of a loan?

  1. Go to their website and apply for the pre-approval process
  2. You will go through an eligibility check
  3. Once approved, you can now browse their Brighte Marketplace page
  4. Choose the products and services you need for your home projects
  5. Once your choices and options are finalised, you can use Brighte services to fund them
  6. After availing of your products and services, you will get the loan terms that you have to follow

To be eligible for an application, you have to meet the basic criteria:

  • Must be an Australian citizen/resident and a homeowner
  • Is 18 years old and up
  • Must have an income or pension
  • Not under financial hardship
  • Have a good credit history

These requirements are for their most common loan. For the Brighte Green Loan and Personal Loan, you would be required to present additional documents/proof of income.

Loans offered and services covered

  • Brighte 0% Interest Payment Plan:
    This is their most common loan for basic home improvement products and services from the Brighte Marketplace to be funded.
  • Brighte Green Loan:
    For energy and green energy-related products and services such as: solar power, batteries, heating, cooling, and other items. You will be given a standard low-interest rate of 5.89% per year, 2 to 7 years to repay the total amount, an establishment fee of $299, and a weekly $1.50 account keeping fee.
  • Brighte Personal Loan:Geared towards home improvement loans inside your household. It has similar operational terms as the Green Loan, with a low fixed interest of 8.99% per year, 2 to 7 years to repay the total amount, an establishment fee of $299, and a weekly $1.50 account keeping fee.

What items and services can I avail at the Brighte Marketplace that’s covered by these loans?

  • Solar energy / Solar panels
  • Solar Pool Heating Systems
  • Pool Heating Systems (non-solar)
  • Flooring projects
  • Guttering repair/maintenance
  • Roofing repair/maintenance
  • Smart Home Technology
  • Trailers & Campers
  • Security Systems
  • Battery Storage
  • Solar & Battery Systems
  • Off-Grid Systems
  • Home Improvements products and services
  • Garage Doors
  • Windows & Doors
  • Awnings
  • Air Conditioning & Ventilation
  • Outdoor Blinds
  • Driveways, Concrete & Paving
  • Verandahs, Patios & Pergolas
  • Carports
  • Decking
  • Sheds
  • Pools & Spas

Solar Finance options

Brighte encourages Green Energy and power-saving movements for use in Australian homes. You can set-up a payment plan or loan specifically for use with solar power systems and solar batteries to produce clean, green energy for your homes, using their Solar Finance options.
Over 1700+ tradies are available through the Brighte Marketplace. They are ready to provide you with these green and solar power products and services through Brighte’s Green loan or 0% Interest Payment Plans.

Brighte accredited partners

The Brighte Marketplace will help connect you to their most trusted companies for your home and energy needs. You will get the best possible services, products, prices, and professional help. You can go directly to their Marketplace page, browse through what you need, request a quote, and once you want to avail something, you can go straight ahead in getting the payment plan set-up.

Do business with Brighte

If you’re a vendor, you can expand your business with Brighte by becoming a business partner. Any of the products and services on our roster are all accepted.

You can choose from their three main financing options to provide customers with a convenient and affordable payment plan for all your customers: Brighte 0% Interest Payment Plan, Brighte Green Loan, or a Brighte Personal Loan. Brighte will be able to approve their loan requests within minutes, or 1-3 business days for bigger and more complicated credit decisions. Also, any of these purchases are paid to you within 1-2 business days.

As a vendor, you will also be assisted by a dedicated account manager and Brighte’s support team. Brighte hosts an exclusive Partner Hub for all the essential resources, guides, articles, and a full support team to help guide you in doing business with them and their system. Furthermore, vendors are also given their Brighte Vendor app to manage the business anytime and anywhere.

Awards and Recognition

In case you need further validation on Brighte either as a homeowner or as a vendor business partner: Brighte has garnered top awards and recognition from trusted names in the industry. They are also recognised members of top institutions. Among them:

Clean Energy Council
Fintech Australia
Smart Energy Council

Awards include:

Lender of the year, Finder Awards 2020
Winner, Finnies Fintech Awards 2018 and 2020
Winner,  Fintech Award 2018, 2019, and 2020
Deloitte Technology 2020 Australia Fast 50 and Top 50