Milton Graham scam debt recovery? You’ve heard of them somewhere. But you never thought you’d deal with them. Out of nowhere, you receive communication about paying off a loan or debt or face legal action instead.

An unpaid amount, bill, or loan from some years ago may live on. Milton Graham may be able to acquire those like a “financial asset” and suddenly go after you. And it’s technically legal. Here are steps to deal with them – and fast

Online Reputation

Milton Graham, also previously known as Dun and  Bradstreet, has a reputation for harassing people. They also have a “reputation” for getting your contact details shadily and have been considered a scam. Are they abusive? Many debt-laden and not-even-in-debt people they’ve dealt with agree so.

There are certain actions you can take to settle this. MG won’t simply go away. You need to deal with this as soon as possible, or stand up to them if there are no debts to collect from you.

Who is Milton Graham? How do they work?

Milton Graham isn’t actually some scam. They are a debt recovery agency that provides recovery services as a direct-hire. These loans and unpaid amounts have become  “assets” bought from a company you’re supposed to owe money to. They have been outsourced to collect for the company you supposedly owe from.

Its method of recovery action is aggressive and has been complained of as harassment. They call you directly or leave messages about the unpaid amount and threaten possible legal action at times. Which brings many people to call them a scam.

They mainly deal with loans long forgotten or lost. They have been sold to MG to chase down, plus possible fees and interest rates.

How did they get my information?

Your contact details may have remained on file or researched. Either Milton Graham has been hired to go for debts for a certain company, bank, or person; Or it has “purchased” your unpaid loans, credits, bills, and other payments from the original owner of those loans or credits. They are now entitled to recover that money, now with interest and fees included.

Sometimes, you may receive a call for a relative, parent, close friend, or someone you know. If your details are available, you may receive communication to connect with the intended person for non-payments. It’s usually a stretch, another one of their tactics.

This situation needs immediate resolution. Time is of the essence between a possible and new debt trap.

Guidelines in dealing with its debt collection system

Time is crucial when it comes to dealing with aggressive debt recovery. First, establish that you are speaking with MG. People on Reddit suggest promising a callback and getting their official contact number to call them and confirm this debt.

If this is your debt, discuss the details and avoid delaying it further, as any fees and interest may be in the running, and can cost you more dollars. In case this debt was incorrect, unauthorised, or does not belong to you, have it corrected and proof of data sent and confirmed to clear your name and get them off your back (to be discussed after the jump).

Deal with the debt

  • Discuss the debt with MG: Make sure to confirm details and ask for a copy of the unpaid amount complete with details. You may have forgotten it. In some cases, it’s a case of mistaken identity or it belongs to a close relative or someone you know.
  • Get the amount breakdown and details of the debt: Check if this is the correct amount. Make sure there are no added fees from the original bill or loan, other than applied fees or interest.
  • Settle ASAP: If it’s confirmed as right, settle it as soon as possible. Avoid getting extra interest and fees to add on and grow. You can sometimes agree, regarding any extra fees or interest.
  • Set up installments if you cannot pay in full: In the case of lack of funds and bad timing, set up an arrangement to get it paid off in the shortest amount of time possible.
  • In some cases, loan arbiters and mediators can help. They may be able to lower any fees and interest or set up the best arrangement.

What if I don’t owe debt?

The worst part of this? You may don’t have any recollection of this “debt”.  Unless we have details and paper trails to trace the debt, we can’t really confirm. Ask for concrete proof and financial statements to clear up this debt. There’s a possibility that it’s an unauthorised transaction or a mistake.

One step you can take is by confirming your credit record and see any unpaid bills or loans. You can have it corrected for any wrong information as well, including New Zealand residents. Your credit record will show any unpaid amounts from the company or institution you may owe. In some cases, if this is proven to be unauthorised, you can take legal action.

What kind of protection can I get from Milton Graham?

One of the best steps to deal with MG for either harassment, privacy breaches, or wrong debt recovery actions must start with the company itself, first and foremost. Make sure to establish you are not the owner of this debt or unpaid amount.

The second step is to bring this to the attention of your government agencies. Review your rights and know which best steps to take depending on your state laws and regulations.

You can ask for assistance from the ACCC or Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, the ASIC or Australian Securities and Investments Commission, and your state’s Office of Fair Trading.

Any legal proceedings can be taken:

  • If the debt has been duly confirmed not yours.
  • They cannot provide reliable proof that traces the transaction, bill, or loan to you. If the company continues to demand payment, bring it to the attention of government agencies first.
  • If you have supporting documents such as a confirmed credit record and other financial documents to prove your case. The credit record must be corrected at this point and used as evidence.