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If you’ve got an article idea that you think may appeal to our readers, please send us your article to be published on our site as a guest post.

Article Submission Guidelines

  • Preferred article word count is between 400 – 750 words.
  • Australian English spelling is to be used at all times.
  • Blatant advertising is not permitted so direct mentions of author’s website are to be avoided, except in the by-line.
  • All articles published will be those which hold stand-alone value. Links to other pages, websites or articles unless relevant to the content of the article or referencing a specific point, will not be accepted. The author by-line is where recognition will be achieved and will include the author’s short bio and website address.
  • Articles that require too much editing will not be included on We expect submitted articles to be publication-ready.
  • Please include a photo (one that you have the rights for or ability to share) that we can use to accompany your article.
  • You can gain credit for providing the article at the bottom of the article with a paragraph on the author and a link to your website. The Authors box should only be 2-5 sentences in length.
  • Articles need to be supplied in Word Format.

What we avoid

Articles that require too much editing. We expect submitted articles to be publication-ready.


You retain the copyright to your work; however by submitting an article to you grant us permission to distribute your article through any medium.

SEO Backlinks

All links included within your article to your preferred landing pages will be ‘dofollow’ links. We allow 2 links to be included within your article, one of them from the author’s box.